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Software Support Lifecycle

Staying up-to-date

FlexSim recommends staying up-to-date and using the latest Software version. New features, improvements, and bug fixes make your simulations more stable, more powerful, and easier to build.

In addition, the Software is developed for use with contemporaneous hardware, operating systems, and drivers. Among other reasons, as third parties phase out these technologies, FlexSim must discontinue support for Software versions developed for use with those technologies.

Finally, as usage of older versions decreases, FlexSim must devote its resources to supporting more recent Software versions to best serve the majority of our customers who stay current on Software maintenance and updates.

Lifecycle and Support Policy

If you must use an older Software version, understanding the Software Support Lifecycle will help you make informed decisions about when to upgrade.

A Software release is generally supported until it is four (4) or more versions prior to the current release. For the most up-to-date lifecycle and support policy information, please see section 17. Software Support of FlexSim's Software License Agreement.

Lifecycle status terminology

  • Supported - FlexSim will maintain licensing infrastructure necessary for a given Software version and will provide technical support for that version for licensed users under current maintenance.
  • Bugfixes - Bugfixes are issued periodically for the latest Software version, as needed. A Software version typically receives bugfixes until the next Software feature release. Learn more about FlexSim version numbering and bugfixes.
  • LTS - Long-term support versions receive bugfixes for a longer period, typically 12-15 months.
  • Beta - Preview the next version of FlexSim Software for demonstration, testing, and validation. Beta versions may not be suitable for day-to-day production use. Beta versions are superseded by their production-release version.
  • No support - After a Software version is 4 or more versions older than the latest release it is no longer supported. Such a version may continue to work on the computer where it is installed and licensed, but it is no longer eligible for technical support and FlexSim cannot guarantee that licensing infrastructure will remain in place to move the license key to another computer.

Supported Versions

The following Software versions are currently supported.

Application Version General Availability
Lifecycle Status
FlexSim 24.1 2024-04-08
supported + bugfixes
FlexSim 24.0 2024-12-06
supported + LTS
FlexSim 23.2 2023-08-07
FlexSim 23.1 2023-04-03

Unsupported Versions

The following Software versions are past their supported lifecycle. We recommend updating your software to a supported version.

Application Version General Availability End-of-Life Lifecycle Status
FlexSim 23.0 2022-12-05 2024-04-08 no support
FlexSim 22.2 2022-08-02 2024-04-05 no support
FlexSim 22.1 2022-04-04 2024-04-05 no support
FlexSim 22.0 2021-12-06 2024-04-05 no support
FlexSim 21.2 2021-08-09 2024-04-05 no support
FlexSim 21.1 2021-04-02 2024-04-02 no support
FlexSim 21.0 2020-12-04 2024-03-26 no support
FlexSim 20.2 2020-08-11 2024-03-26 no support
FlexSim 20.1 2020-04-10 2024-03-26 no support
FlexSim 20.0 2019-12-06 2023-12-31 no support
FlexSim 17.0 - 19.2 various 2023-12-31 no support
FlexSim 7.7 - 16.2 various 2022-06-30 no support
HC 5.3 2017-10-13 2022-06-30 no support
FlexSim < 7.7 various 2020-12-31 no support
HC < 5.3 various 2020-12-31 no support


  • The date format used is YYYY-MM-DD
  • Bugfix releases follow the same lifecycle as the major release with which they are associated.
  • Versions not listed should be assumed as past their supported lifecycle.
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