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Opportunity Charging - is startRecharge command cancelled when AGV is Acquired?

I am modelling a large plant where AGVs will have certain "opportunity charging" locations. These are Park Points where I use the "startRecharge" command on the AGV when it arrives (and then release it.). But it does not necessarily wait for a full charge/threshold, and as soon as a job calls for it, it will be acquired and continue to the new job.

My question is, is it still recharging?

Based on my chart of some of my AGV battery levels, it appears that maybe the AGV is still charging even though it is no longer at the charging location.

I don't see any "stopRecharge" command, and I have searched this site for related questions, but did not find any. The AGV PF template assumes you will keep the AGV at the charging location until a threshold is reached, but it too does not have an explicit "stopRecharge" command.

Does anybody know? Or is there a status variable in the tree that I can look for that will let me verify?


FlexSim 21.1.4
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Hi @Claire Krupp, here's what I found in the manual under Battery Levels and Usage at the bottom of the page:

"If you set the AGV to recharge, it will recharge at its recharge rate until it is full or it starts its next travel operation, whichever comes first."

It's also important that there's a new travel activity when you want the charging to stop which may be why you're noticing a discrepancy. This post goes into a little more detail about that.

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Thanks @Eric M , that's exactly what I was looking for!
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