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agv network

I have an idea. I want to create another production line below. It must have the same function as the one above, but I need to let the mother car automatically determine which is the best path, for example, y>11 mother. The car will go to the elevator below to receive the goods! Thank you


FlexSim 20.0.10
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For relatively easy scaling I'd do it the following way:

On the queues where the pallets arrive, add labels to the item in the "OnEntry" that define three things. The y-position the momcar should travel to, to pick up the pallet, the soncar that transports the pallet to the elevator and the elevator itself.


In the process flow, after copying these labels to the token, they can then be used to acquire to correct objects. For this, two more groups, containing the elevators and "elevator soncars" respectively, were added and used as reference in the resources. In the acquire activity, the Query/Array/Object field is used to determine, which of the objects should be acquired from the resource.

The same labels are used to reference the objects in the travel and move activities.

The "y-Pos" label is in the "Travel to PickUp" activity to tell the momcar where it should drive to pick up the pallets from the elevator.


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I have a new question to ask you!!

I want to expand my model. He must be able to move the goods on the left to the first position on the right according to time and coordinates, and then three transport vehicles will transport the goods to q4 1020.fsm

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