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Tasks still assigned to off shift resource

I have an operators group where the operators are on time table schedules. I am using the travel to location and then delay function for when the resource goes off shift/on break. For some reason my resources that are off shift are still getting tasks assigned to them, so the task has to wait until the resource starts their shift to be processed. How do I make sure that only operators that are on shift are getting tasks assigned to them.

FlexSim 21.2.4
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Add a cascade of dispatcher in your model. A dispatcher belongs to each group and then when the operators get into off shift the dispatcher stops by timetable, too. A supervisor dispatcher controls transfer of taskesequences by default send to function first available to assigned group dispatchers. This approach works only if tasksequences are created continuously over run time, otherwise you have to empty group dispatcher tasksequencequeue if they go down and transfer them back to supervisor dispatcher.

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If I am using process flow to create a custom task sequence for my operators, am I still able to use dispatchers in this way?
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This depends on how you dispatch tasksequences. If you activate and use “wait until complete”, then you can’t work good with dispatchers. Then you have to divert or preempt your involved token, release your resource and acquire another active resource.

Process Flow Tasksequence option mimics a tasksequence, but it dispatches only one task tasksequences into your Taskexecuter and then it calls the process flow again.

If you create a tasksequence as a treenode bound complete sequence which you dispatch at a last activity step, then you can work with dispatchers. But this approach is not part of tutorials yet. You don’t need to acquire a resource for this approach, because dispatchers will do this instead.

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Hi @Nathan H5,

I don't think that your query suggestion would work, but you should be able to use preemption logic in your ProcessFlow to accomplish what you want. See Preemption ( for more information on how to do this.

As an alternative to this, you could add some logic to your "Break" section of your process flow. As the operator is going on break, you could acquire the resource associated with that operator, then execute the travel to location and delay activities. Then, when the break has concluded, you could release the resource to make the operator available for other tasks.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions!

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