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Where does debug.log come from?

A customer of ours noticed that every time he runs his model a debug.log file is produced in the model folder.

As far as I’m aware there is nothing in the model logic that does this, so I was wondering if (and when) FlexSim sometimes creates this file all by itself.

FlexSim 22.0.0
debuggingoutput datadebug.log
debuglog.txt (4.3 KiB)
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Hello @Mischa Spelt,

Were Phil BoBo and Jordan Johnson able to help answer your question? If so, please accept an answer. If not, please provide a comment to further the conversation.

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Phil BoBo answered Jordan Johnson edited

That looks like a Chromium log file. I don't know what code is generating it. It isn't written by FlexSim code directly. Something within the Chromium Embedded Framework is writing it. My guess as for why it is ending up in the model directory is that it is using the FlexSim process's current working directory.

It looks like the log in C:\ProgramData\Flexsim\FlexSim22.0\cef, which is the directory where FlexSim tells Chromium to store its cache.

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I guess it's related to the dashboard somehow... could it be a Model Documentation (HTML panel) in the Dashboard?
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@Mischa Spelt It could deal with any web-based dashboard widget (the Model Documentation object or any of the charts). It feels to me like a fall-back; like Chromium tried to put the file where it normally does, but could not for some reason, and so used the current working directory. Perhaps the permissions on that particular computer were unusual? It's really hard to say, for sure, though.

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