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Experimenter crashes 22.0.1

I have had frequent crashes when running experimenter. The model is working well when not running experimenter. I was trying to run 30 replications with 10 scenarios, and the system crashed often. I have been using OneDrive to store the results file. After the crashes I would have to delete experimenter from the toolbox and rerun. My best success was seen when doing 50 replications at a time. Do you have any suggestions?

FlexSim 22.0.1
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I have a few ideas. First, try running the experimenter, where the result file is not stored in a OneDrive folder; I'm wondering if OneDrive, in trying to back that folder up, is preventing FlexSim from reading it during the Experiment.

Second, verify that your RAM usage is 90% or less of your total RAM while the Experimenter is running. When you try this, also try closing the Experimenter window. There is a memory leak that occurs each time it draws. In short runs, it usually doesn't have a meaningful effect, but on long runs, it can cause a problem.

Third, verify that your disk has enough space to store additional results. If your hard drive is close to full, FlexSim might not be able to add more data to the file.

Let me know how that goes, and if one of those suggestions helped.

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