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How to decide whichway AGV to travel to?

Hello, in the model, Source 1,2,3 goes to Destination A,B,C respectively.

For Source 2 the item goes to Destination 2, and there are two ways to reach the destination, by going left or right.

I want to decide which way the AGV will go by seeing if any AGV is coming from the right side.

So if an AGV is coming from the right side I want the AGV to deliver the item by going left, if the right side is clear then go to the right side to reach the destination.

Any help would be thankful.

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FlexSim 21.1.5
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AGV network behaves similar to a railway network. Most distances are one way tracks. A network node systems behaves similar to a street network. Vehicles travel in both directions. You can see it for example by the traffic controller object icon’s picture.
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Hey @jaehwan.s, when I ran your model, it seems your larger AGV path only goes counter-clockwise, so if an AGV wants to transport an item from Source 2 to DestinationB, it can only go left. You can try making connections two-way, but then your AGVs may run into each other. I tweaked your model a bit to allow two-way paths, but like I said, it's prone to collisions.


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@jaehwan.s We need more information to help you with this. The rules you describe do not result is a good outcome and I think it needs further requirements specified to implement something worthwhile.

If you have solved it yourself with the extra information you have then let us know and we'll close this post. Or if you add more information we will look at it again.

If we don't hear back from you we'll close this post.

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