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Conditional Decide : Decide to release token when the machine is idling

Hi Everyone,

I have a question that I want to ask. How to set the conditional decide when the machine(In this case, premixer_Gear and Premixer_Hydraulic) is idling.


When premixer is filling, the premixer for gear and hydraulic must wait for process on the premixer_engine to be finished..

My current conditional decide is " == 0 " . I want to insert "AND" statement.How?

I just want that coding statement that says "Premixer_Gear is not running" AND "Premixer_Hydraulic"

FlexSim 18.2.3
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You can add another process which summarizes all conditions for one token or many. If all conditions are fulfilled you release your involved token in your main process.

If you use many tokens you can batch them or you can build a structure of split and combine.

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I am not clear on how to do it.. May you give an example, a simple one to give me a better understanding

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Hello @Fakhrusy Sf,

One way is to write the code like follows.

Model.find("Processor1").as(Object).stats.state().value == 1 && Model.find("Processor2").as(Object).stats.state().value == 1

The 1 refers to the index that state is in the state profile list.


idel state conditional decide.fsm Version 22.1 (Sorry I do not have 18.2). Let me know if you you didn't get enough from the info I provided and I can remake my example model in 18.2.

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