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Sending orders based on availability

Hello @Jeanette F as you suggested for a new post

In my model , the parts get created in Queue2 only when source sends all the parts to Queue1 through process flow.

As soon as the parts are consumed from the Queue1 to processor. I want the forklift to pick parts only when the items reach below or equal to the minimum quantity as mentioned in the global table "Orders". I want a logic where the forklift picks items from Queue2 and delivers to Queue1 only when the specific part's minimum quantity is reached.

The minimum quantity can be read from the "Orders" global table. Simultaneously the available quantity column needs to be updated.

Can you help me with this?

@Felix Möhlmann please help


FlexSim 20.0.10
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I don't understand the purpose of duplicating items that enter Queue1 in Queue2. It would be easier to simply only create items in Queue2 when there is a need.

The table values can be updated in the OnEntry and OnExit triggers of the Queue1. This is made easier by using the Part Names as the row headers, to be able to directly reference the rows.

To send the items I create a token for each row of the table. It checks if there is need for that type. If so, it creates a number of items equal to the "Order Qty" from the table (don't know if that is correct). Afterwards, or if no additional items are required, the token waits for an item to exit the queue which will update the table values.


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Thank you @Felix Möhlmann
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Hi @Felix Möhlmann

In the create object of process flow, I want to send the items based on Queue in the destination to create objects. Instead of sending to a single queue. I want to send to multiple Queue depending on labels. How to do that? Can you give me an example.

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Both the "Object By Case" and "Object By Global Table Lookup" options in the "Create In" field of the Create Objects activity can be used for this.
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Example Table:

Part_Number Destination
P28742 Queue1
P27644 Queue2

Hi @Felix Möhlmann ,

I want to add this table to the model, where the transporter reads the destinations of each part number and then drops it to the specific location(making the destination value variable). This should be satisfied after minimum quantity constraint in decide is true.

I want to push these items with destination and "orders" global table depending on the minimum quantity condition and then pull it from the acquire resource for transporter. I want to keep the transporter variable too( any available transporter can be used). I have been trying to write a code for the same but its not fruitful.

Please help.

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