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In my attached model, I am trying to replicate packing 14 boxes (representing sheets of glass) into join container (pack of glass made up of the 14 sheets); and then having 6 packs at 14 sheets as a moveable container (moveable frame/stand) for WH put away.

On 1/18/23, I had 14 boxes joining into 1 pallet, and going into a queue as pallets stacks with 14 boxes on each. Today, I cannot seem to replicate this visual. It appears 14 boxes are going from the processor to the combiner, and moving to the queue after 14. The queue now is stacking what appears to be empty pallets.

This leads me to 2 issues:

How do I get the visual showing 14 boxes on a pallet stacking vertically in the queue?

How do I combine these 6 pallets (packs) into a new container? I have tried adding the first Combiner to a 2nd Combiner, but not sure that would work. Trying Combiner 1 to Queue to Combiner 2, but I was not seeing evidence that the 6 pallets with 14 boxes each were combining correctly. Would this container not show the individual parts (possibly what is happening with boxes & the pallet)? Should I have the queue set to batch in 6 or remove batching at this point?

I know I want to join 14 boxes into a pallet (not planning to separate), but I want to combine (batch?) the 6 pallets into one container for later separation by pack/pallet.

Thank you.Model 1 v2 Carleton.fsm

FlexSim 23.0.0
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Hello @rhorn2,

You selected the Join option for the combiner. In our manual you can find that "In join mode the combiner destroys all flow items except the one received through input port 1." If you would like the visual of boxes packed onto a pallet then choose the Pack option. If you want them to become a single flow item then I you can use the Join option and then change the visual of the flow item to be a packed pallet.

You may also want to look into this post that explains how to change the bounding box as items are added to a container object.


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