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Setting a parameter when resetting the environment in Reinforcement Learning

Hi everyone,

I am doing Meta Reinforcement Learning for production scheduling. Therefore, I predefined several job lists (n=50) that should be scheduled optimally with RL. In MetaRL, the algorithm regards each list as "task" and the algorithm should be able to select a specific task (i.e. 1 list of the 50 lists) when resetting the environment. I want realize that, by changing the value of a global parameter, which then leads to the usage of the specific list. I.e.: episode is finished -> MetaRL selects. e.g. task=14 for the next episode -> parameter is set to 14 -> flexsim is resetted and job list 14 is used in the model now.

Currently, my code for resetting flexsim looks like this:

def _reset_flexsim(self):
    if self.verbose:
        print("Sending Reset message")
    resetString = "Reset?"
    if hasattr(self, "seedNum"):
        resetString = "Reset:" + str(self.seedNum) + "?"

Can anyone help me please how I can set the parameter value when resetting flexsim?

Thanks in advance!

FlexSim 22.2.1
reinforcement learning
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Hey @Arthur Ml, one way you can set the parameter's value on model reset is using the "OnModelReset" trigger found in the Toolbox:


This gives you a code editor that will execute when the model is about to Reset. Here you can grab a reference to the Parameter's value cell and set it with the task for the next run. In my example I simply set it with the output count of a Processor.



Hope this helps!

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Dear @Kavika F ,

thanks for the quick response.

Sorry, my question was not specific enough. How can I set a parameter value from Python, when resetting the model/ RL environment? I use a socket connection for connecting Python with Flexsim as presented in the documentation ( So far, with this socket connection, I can launch, reset, and close Flexsim, and I can send actions and receive observation from the model. But how can I set a specific parameter value when resetting the model?

Thanks and best regards,

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Oh okay. Once you reset your model, you can use the following command to set a parameter:

controller.setParameter("ParameterName", value)

If you look at the FlexSimPy.cpp, you can see a list of commands you can use from the controller (and within the FlexSim):


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Is there a way to set a Parameter in Flexsim with the help of the "" script you provided in the documentation ( Because I am using the scripts from the documentation to connect to Flexsim and do the training.

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