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set max wait time for combiners

Hi all,

I want to set max wait time for combiner so that if wait time higher than 35s, the container will go.

I tried to set process flow and it's oke but the Combiner didn't stop, then cause so many blank container.

Can anyone help me to stop releasing the container if there is no more token?

By the way, is there any faster way to set if I have 7 combiners = 7 item type and each type have specific qty packed in combiners?

Hope anyone can help.

Thank you so much.



FlexSim 22.1.4
combinerstopmax wait timer
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Would it be an option to wait until the first item has entered through port 2 before the wait time starts? That way, no empty totes would be released.

The component list of the combiners is saved in its attribute nodes. You can set those using code but you need some way to know which combiner belongs to what type/quantity. (You can find the necessary code in the Entry trigger option that changes the components based on the type of the container item.



The code below assigns values from a global table to the combiners in the order in which they appear in the Combiner group for example.

Table TypeQtys = Table("TypeQtys");
for(int i = 1; i <= Group("Combiner").length; i++)
    Object Combiner = Group("Combiner")[i];
    treenode componentlist = Combiner.find(">variables/componentlist");
    treenode componentsum = Combiner.find(">variables/targetcomponentsum");
    componentlist.first.first.value = TypeQtys[i][2];
    componentsum.value = TypeQtys[i][2];


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