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MHE Lift travel in Flexsim 2023.2

I have a model in which task executors on an Astar network use elevator banks to travel between floors. I've noticed that in Flexsim 2023.2, this travel does not appear to work correctly if "stop for turns" is used.

I've attached a model showing the behavior, in which the task executor appears to be moved to coordinate 0,0,0 upon requesting the lift. If "stop for turns" is unchecked, behavior is normal.

Lift Travel (2023.2).fsm

FlexSim 23.2.0
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Hey @Andrew, in the AGV Navigator Properties, you should go to the Setup tab and uncheck "Smooth Rotations".


That will cause your AGV to maintain the Right Angles without stopping for turns.

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Hi Kavina,

This doesn't seem to resolve my issue. Stopping for rotations is not the problem, but rather the relocation of the traveler on arrival to the lift. I've attached a model with a breakpoint on lift arrival to make the behavior clearer, it can be seen that the traveler has been moved to coordinate 0,0,0.

1695677903844.pnglift-travel-20232 (with breakpoint).fsm

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Hey @Andrew, it seems like this is a bug in 23.2. This behavior seems to work in 23.0 and 23.1. I'll report this to the dev team. Thank you!
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@Andrew This has been fixed in FlexSim 24.0.3 released today.

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