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Replications experimenter

After I run the replications of my model in Experimenter and do my statistical studies, where can I guarantee/visualize that my model is running under the confidence interval conditions that I need? And I would also like to know where I can put the value for the number of replications I found.

FlexSim 22.2.0
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You should be specifying the number of replications in your experiment. But if you're given the results to analyse then this can be found in the sqlite database file associated with the model along with all the recorded data.

You can visually inspect the ci. for the mean in the performance measure graphs where you can choose some pre-set confidence levels:


You can also see quantiles for 25,50 and 75% of the values in the box plot.

It sounds like you may have custom requirements so I'd suggest writing your own user commands to analyse the data according to those.

Also note that you can select all these options and then choose to generate a standard or customized report from the results window (bottom right):


Depending on your skill set, you can easily browse the sqlite db schema and write queries to analyse your colelcted data:


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