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AGV Loading based on Item Type entering processor

Hello, I'm relatively new to working with Flexsim and still have much to learn. Here's my situation: I have a source sending two items with different types, 1 & 2 (red and blue), to a processor, and afterward, the items go to a sink. Simultaneously, another source sends three different items to a storage area, which are then transported by an AGV to two different sinks. Item 1 (orange) goes to the first sink, and items 2 & 3 (green and lime) go to the second sink.

Now, here's my challenge: When, for instance, an item of type 1 (red box) enters the processor, I want the AGV to load one orange item (type 1) (for one red Item in the processor) . If, after that, one item of type 2 (blue box) enters the processor, I want the AGV to load one green and one lime item (type 2 & 3). The loading should depend on the items entering the processor. It would be ideal if this could be solved through the process flow, but I'm open to other solutions as well.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

Model: model1.fsm

FlexSim 23.2.1
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@Legit, I would like to present you a comment of @Jason Lightfoot:

It looks like this question may be part of a homework assignment or academic project. The professors who assign simulation modeling exercises using FlexSim expect that the academic integrity of their assignments will be maintained. In addition, we are supportive of Honor Codes or Pledges that regulate the behavior surrounding academic assignments.

I recommend reading our best practices page on the subject, which includes some resources that you should find helpful as you use FlexSim for academic purposes. I also highly recommend Dr. Allen Greenwood's FlexSim Primer, which was written specifically for students and professors.

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1 Answer

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You could set the rack to not release on its own.


Then build a small Process Flow that releases items of the correct types after an item enters the processor. You find the "Release Item" option under "Control -> BasicFR" in the Custom Code activity.


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