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OptQuest Error: Error in constraint equation

I set up an integer parameter in the parameters Table and when I want to use it in constraints or objectives in the OptQuest optimization panel, I get this error " Error in constraint equation".Is the bracket a problem [param1] or anything else?


FlexSim 24.1.0
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@Maryam H2, can you provide informations like constraint statement code, screenshot of error, perhaps an example model? Thank you.
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@Joerg Vogel The constraint is [Order_Quantity_1PR]>=[PR_1_D]. both [Order_Quantity_1PR] and [PR_1_D] are parameters in Parametr Table. when this constraint is active I get the error below:


but if I change the constraint to something like this [Order_Quantity_1PR]>= 400, i do not get the error any more. both parameters are integer and the LHS of equation sets a value in a Global Table.

Do you know what would be the cause of getting this error?

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1 Answer

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Hello @Maryam H2,

The constraint limiting value needs to be a number. You can rewrite your constraint to something like this.


Optimizer constraints.fsm

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