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Lucas RD asked Claire Krupp commented

Downgrade Flexsim 19.2.2


Most of our models crush with newer 19.2.1+ versions. And the last working version we used was 19.2.0 . Is there any place where I can get version 19.2.0 to download?

After we updated the software, we can't run most of the models. Flexsim crushes when trying to put a breakpoint and/or try to read a global Table from a custom code. And we can't use 19.1 since the model is saved as 19.2.0

Thank you in advance,

FlexSim 19.2.1
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Hi @Lucas RD,

Someone may correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can access anything but the latest version of the software (with the exception of going back to 19.1, 19.0, etc.)

Do you think there are bugs in the latest update causing the models to crash? They should be forward compatible, but if there are things that are causing your models to crash, it would be useful for us to know so we can troubleshoot and/or bug fix. Could you post any of the models? Have you gone through the release notes to recognize changes in FlexSim that may require making changes to your custom code?

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You can uninstall 19.2.2 and then reinstall 19.2.0. I've re-enabled downloading of 19.2.0 from the "More Versions" section of the Downloads in your Account.

It would be helpful if you could share an example model that demonstrates the crashing issue in 19.2.2 so that we can debug it and fix it.

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Thank you very much, Tomorrow I'll install 19.2.0 and I'm preparing one of the models where this happens so I can upload it.

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Here is a model we use for testing, that is working on 19.1 but wont run on 19.2.2. I placed a breakpoint where the problem occurs. Hope it helps.

Nevertheless I was unable to find the 19.2.0 version on the downloads section.

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test.fsm (217.7 KiB)

@Lucas RD

You can download it clicking "More Versions' button like above.

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more-versions.png (169.9 KiB)
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Phil BoBo answered Claire Krupp commented

Thanks for the example model demonstrating the issue.

The bug originated with a Visual Studio project upgrade that we made in 19.2.0. This change caused a bug with debugging FlexScript calls to the query() command: SQL Query Error - Flexsim 19.2. The fix for that bug caused the bug you are getting here when you try to debug line 39 of your model.

We've found and fixed this new bug with the FlexScript debugger for 19.2.3. You could try downgrading to 19.2.0 (where there is also a FlexScript debugger issue), or you could avoid using the FlexScript debugger for now. You could use the print() command for debugging with the Output Console in the meantime between now and when we release 19.2.3.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your patience.

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@phil.bobo is this problem fixed in version 20? I am upgrading a model from 19.1.1 to 19.2.4 and having a similar problem. I have isolated it to cases where I am using the $1 construct to pass a variable into the query. It causes the software to completely crash.

Taking out the breakpoints solves the problem but that is going to make it very hard to test the dozens of Table.query commands in the model. (I will post my model on a new question, but I wanted to link it to this question.)

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