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How to send to specific port (queue) depending on batch size?

Good morning,


I'm developing this model of a paint process, it is working with gallons of liquid. The idea is that it produces a certain amount of product depending on preassigned order quantities. Then they get to mix in the 'Mix and Grind' (independently of the quantity)- this machines only work 16 hours. Then the combiner gets them into batches (because all the following processes work by batch size), the batch size is determined by the original order quantities (so if it produced 20 000 gallons at a certain minute, the batch will include 20 000 gallons). There to the processor (where I have the main problem) is supposed to be a transfer to the next phase of the model, the Thin Thanks (TT) the point here is that as I mentioned before the TT can only work with certain batch sizes, here is how the capacities work:

So that if the batch size is of 1,000 or 2,000 or 4,000 or 6,000 gallons it can only go to the 6,000 or 10,000 thin thanks.

Here is where I can't program the model to do so, how do I tell Flexsim to send the batch to the corresponding thin thank.

I created a queue so I can send from the queue to the first available. But I don't know how to send form the transfer processor to the corresponding queue organizing the batches depending on their size.

Same process will be repeated to the HT (the next processor and queues).

And then I think I have no problems with the rest of the program, it is sending a percentage of the liquid (now again independentlly of the batch size) to different filling options. And finally the combiner is getting the orders back again to the original sizes but in different filling combinations.

Could you please try to help me in the transfer processors ? So I can get the correct distributions ?

Thank you

FlexSim 20.0.5
processorsend to portflexsim 20.0.5batch sizessend to port by size
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@Adriana A2,

I couldn't quite find which port and label to involve, but I changed the port in the queue that was open (QTT 1000_6000). You can transfer this code to other ports where you need it.

Basically, I used the Port By Case function, which is a default option in the Send To Port pick-list.

I changed the value to be a label (I put "BatchSize", but you can change it to the label that stores the batch size in gallons). Then using that label value, I checked to see if it was over the limits you set, which were 1000, 8000, 12000, etc. If so, the item will be send to the corresponding port (1,2,3, etc.)

Hope this idea helps! Let me know if you have questions about this.


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finalv1-1.fsm (176.5 KiB)
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@tanner.p Hi Tanner, I am having one last problem, I think everything works now, but my combiner isn't sending anything to the sink.

Can you help me figure out why?

Thanks !

finalv3.fsm (123.5 KiB)
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