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Tasksequences with AGV trailer attaching/detaching?

I would like to build tasksequences for a fleet of AGVs.
building them as needed, push them to a list and let the AGVs pull them and process them one after another.
My problem is, if i try to make them attach/detach a trailer it wont work.
If I choose the AGV at the moment i build the tasksequence then it isn't a problem, but i don`t want that.
I would like to have alist of tasksequences for the AGVs to choose from.

I get that the software tries to execute the "custom-code" blocks for attaching and detaching on the spot and that it can't do that as i didn't specify a taskexecuter.
My question is how do i push that logik in the tasksequence?

I added a little model where i tried to do it.

Thanks in Advance


FlexSim 20.1.0
agvlistflexsim 20.1.0agv trailerattach trailer
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@Philip Diem,

Unfortunately, I don't think the attach/detach trailer commands are part of the available task sequence commands. So if you do want to attach/detach a trailer, you'll have to do so using the Custom Code activities at appropriate times. It may require setting up the Process Flow in your model differently.

Alternatively, you can permanently attach the trailer and use the task sequences in your model.

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Thanks for the Answer.
I already expected that a bit. The last possibility I see is to write a user command and somehow pass that through a custom task in the taskSequence.

I will try for a bit longer, if i get it to work I`ll give you a heads up how i did it.

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@Philip Diem. there is the parameter TASKTYPE_NODEFUNCTION to execute any source code of a node in the tree like a user command or any other source code built as a FlexScript inside a node for a tasksequence.

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