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Properties not displaying correctly


I don't know what kind of operation will reproduce it, but you can see the phenomenon that the properties are not displayed correctly.

This time the flow item labels are not displaying correctly. However, if you double-click the corresponding flow item and pop up the property, it will be displayed normally.


Once in this state, properties will not be displayed correctly with a single click.

Also, this time I reproduced it with a flow item, but I can reproduce it with objects such as fixed resources, and I have confirmed that it also occurs with "Ports".

Our usage environment is FlexSim 2022.0.11, but we have confirmed that this phenomenon is reproduced in FlexSim 2023.1.1.

Are you aware of this phenomenon?

Is there any way to restore it?

Thank you in advance.

FlexSim 22.0.16
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@Ryusuke T, I see this phenomenon, too. It occurs more often on computers with a poor performance while a model runs. Quick Property window pane doesn’t get updated in time. Please append data (Type, CPU, GPU, memory) of involved computers, on which you see this more often.
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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ Joerg Vogel commented ·

@Joerg Vogel This occurs on high performance machines where the model is not running too (and often).

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Ryusuke T avatar image Ryusuke T Joerg Vogel commented ·

@Joerg Vogel ,

Thank you for your reply.

The specifications of the computer where this phenomenon occurred this time are as follows.

OS: Windows 10 Pro

CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80GHz


Memory: 32GB

Thank you in advance.

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This is a UI bug that has been fixed for the next bugfix releases.

The bug happens on the last visible panel in quick properties when you press the expand button and it expands big enough that the quick properties window's scroll bar appears at the same time. A timing issue with the alignment of the last panel causes it to not be visible.

Is there any way to restore it?

You can work around the issue by making your FlexSim window larger to avoid showing the QP scroll bar. Alternatively, if your screen is too small for that, you can collapse higher panels before expanding the lower panel so that the expansion of the lower panel doesn't cause the scrollbar to appear.

If the issue is already happening, you can close and reopen Quick Properties to get it back into a clean state before doing the above workarounds.

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