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How do I submit feature requests or bug reports?

Expect a response? Post a question

Post your bug report as a question if you want a response from us; for example, if you are looking for a workaround or a fix for your model. When creating your question, consider putting it into the Bug Reports space:1676491382685.png

Don't need a response? Email [email protected]

Emailing feature requests or bug reports to [email protected] will automatically create an issue on our development list. The request will then be discussed by the developers in our next sprint meeting where we will determine when, relative to the other issues, we want to work on it.

Post an idea

You can also post it on this forum as an idea. This lets other users in the community vote on the idea and gives us an idea of how much demand there is. This also creates a place where the idea can be discussed by users and developers.

Bottom Line

In general, the fastest way to get a feature request or bug report on our dev list is to email [email protected]. This should usually be the first step if you don't expect a response. If you want the idea voted on and discussed, post it as an idea or as a question in the Development space here on Answers. If you create an idea, please include the link to the idea page in your email to [email protected].

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