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RailWorks 2024 released

Railworks 24.0.1 is now available (02 April 2024). This version of RailWorks is intended for use with FlexSim 2024.

Railworks 2023.0 will become LTS, for any use cases with updated bug fixes use the latest 23.0 version available. If you are using RailWorks with FlexSim 2023 (LTS), please use RailWorks version 23.0.6 (LTS). If you are using RailWorks with FlexSim 2023 Update 2, please use RailWorks version 23.2.3.

All versions can be found in the Downloads section of your FlexSim account on the 3rd party modules tab. Please do not hesitate to report any bugs, usability improvements and feature requests to [email protected].

Signal: New feature in railworks

This new feature adds a 3D object called Signalized Rail, a track with signals that can control train traffic with precise speed changes, sight and safety distances for rail reservations and signal advances. You can configure signal aspects, sight distance and train safety distance with just this object.For more information read 3Dobjects.

Importance of the Signal

A signal in a railroad system is a way of controlling train traffic speeds, ensuring safety and maximizing the flow. There are different types of signals for different cases and countries, the most common being speed control signals on sections to prevent train collisions. These signals change their appearance in order to indicate a reduction in speed, and can have different aspects for different speed changes. This type of sign is the new railworks feature.

About Railworks

The FlexSim Brazil RailWorks module consists of premade custom objects, designed to represent a real environment for the Rail problem modeling, with less configuration. Our approach is to unite 3D modeling with the Process Flow functionality, allowing object configuration and visualization through the native 3D FlexSim solution, and the rail system events to be triggered by the Process Flow, using not only defaults FlexSim Process Flow activities, but also new ones developed by our team.

Release Notes

View the full release notes in the online documentation.

RailWorks 24.0.1 (02 April 2024)

  • Bug-Fixes

  • All bug fixes in RailWorks 23.2.3 below.
  • Features

  • New object:Introducing signalized rails - tracks equipped with signs at their ends for improved traffic control and safety at critical network points. Learn more about signaled rails and practice using them on the 3D objects page.
  • Feature:Take control of your rail network with the new rail signaling control feature. Configure aspect signals, customize their colors, set speed correspondences, and define safety or sighting distances for a more realistic train operation experience.
  • Feature: New picklist options to set destination in MoveTrain and MoveWagon activities.

RailWorks 23.2.3 (18 March 2024)

  • Bug-Fixes

  • All bug fixes in RailWorks 23.0.6 below.
  • MoveWagon Label Control Improvements: Enhanced the user interface for the MoveWagon label control.
  • OnPass Speed Alteration Fix: Compositions with wagons attached change speeds correctly and consistently.
  • AssingTo labels on MoveWagon Fix: The creation of a new label works with individual wagons on MoveWagon.

RailWorks 23.0.6 (18 March 2024)

  • Bug-Fixes

  • Consistent Parked Wagons Positioning: Wagons now position themselves alongside other wagons more consistently.
  • Rail Reservation Logic Optimized: Improved logic for rail reservation to ensure smooth operation.
  • Refined Rail Control Point Triggers: More precise behavior for RailControlPoint's onPass, onContinue, and onArrival triggers.
  • Smoother Undo Functionality: Improved responsiveness and reliability of the undo function (Ctrl+Z).
  • Automatic Brakes Optimized: Automatic brakes now stop on the correct rail for better train control.
  • Wagon Creation Streamlined: Wagon creation now adapts its position automatically when placed on multiple rails.
  • Copy & Paste Errors Resolved:Fixed exceptions that occurred during copy and paste operations.
  • Train Creation Collisions Addressed: Inconsistent collisions during train creation have been eliminated.
  • Enhanced Locomotive Interaction: Improved interaction between compartments and leading locomotives for more realistic behavior.
  • Departure Rail Control Point Fix: Fixed an issue where moving a wagon wouldn't release the departure Rail Control Point.
  • Automatic Braking Refined: Improved automatic braking for scenarios with low acceleration and high speeds.
  • Multiple Rail Braking Enhanced: Resolved issues with braking zones spanning multiple rails.
  • Limited Station Parking: Locomotives destined to a Station no longer allowed to enter while occupied.
  • Better Composition Positioning on Curved Rails: Movement on CurvedRails is now smoother.
  • Added Locomotive and Wagon icons to FlowItemBin.
  • Modelling fixes: Preventive fixes to improve modelling experience.
  • Performance Enhancements

  • Faster Rail Connections: Optimized rail automatic connection for improved performance.
  • MoveWagon Streamlined: Object selection offers more consistent behavior when detaching wagons from larger compositions.
  • Streamlined ConnectPoint Creation: Made changes to ConnectPoint creation for better performance.
  • Optimized Pathfinding: Enhanced path discovery algorithms to improve overall performance.
  • Status Window Consolidation: Review and behavior correction of status bubble on flowitems and task executers.
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