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FloWorks 2017.1.2 and 2017.0.5 Available (update: Jun 27)

Update June 27, 2017: Upgrade versions FloWorks 17.1.2 and FloWorks 17.0.5 are now available.

These releases resolve an incompatibility that may result in errors on starting FlexSim when you install FloWorks in combination with certain other modules. If you want to use the (beta version of) the Emulation module, for example, you should upgrade FloWorks to this latest version. There are no functional changes.

If you are using the LTS version (17.0.5) of FlexSim you should upgrade to FloWorks 17.0.5.
Download FloWorks 17.1.2 if you are using FlexSim 2017 Update 1 (FlexSim 17.1.2).

Both versions can be found in the Downloads section of your FlexSim account on the 3rd party modules tab. Bugs may be reported to [email protected].

Talumis FloWorks for FlexSim

About FloWorks

FloWorks is a 3rd party module developed and maintained by Talumis BV ( It provides faster and more accurate modelling and calculation of fluid systems than the default FlexSim fluid library. It is especially useful within the oil, gas, and bulk industry both for production and supply chain optimization. This module requires a FloWorks license.

For any questions, please email [email protected].

Release notes

From FloWorks 17.0.4 to 17.0.5, and from FloWorks 17.1.1 to 17.1.2:

  • Bug fix: Fixed errors when loading FloWorks with other modules dependent on Process Flow, such as the Emulation module.

From FloWorks 17.0.3 to 17.0.4, and from FloWorks 17.1.0 to 17.1.1:

The following bug fixes and usability improvements are available in both versions:

  • Bug fix: Flow Conveyor with multiple inputs sometimes created too many update events.
  • Bug fix: Flow Conveyor now allows input port at end of conveyor.
  • Usability improvement: Pick list options updated to dot syntax, e.g. centerobject(current, 1) is now current.centerObjects[1].
  • Usability improvement: Changed object list dropdown to be more descriptive about input, output and center connections.
  • Usability improvement: Changed input/output amount trigger template to increase current input/output instead of previous trigger amount
  • Usability improvement: Added FloWorks options to User Event code dropdown.

The following bug fixes apply to version 17.1.1 (FlexSim 2017 Update 1) only.

  • Bug fix: Fixed exception when changing to first product of product table using scripting (thanks to Julio for reporting it)
    (product table is only available in FloWorks 17.1).
  • Bug fix: Flow To Item releases item when pulling object downstream is unblocked
    (Bug was only present in FlexSim 17.1).
  • Bug fix: Flow To Item now uses item.Type labels instead of deprecated setitemtype
    (getitemtype/setitemtype was deprecated in FlexSim 17.1).

The release notes of older versions of FloWorks can be found here.

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David Seo avatar image David Seo commented ·

FloWorks 17.1.1 looks like to have some trouble with the beta Emulation module.

Please check it in ;

I explained it in detail.

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Mischa Spelt avatar image Mischa Spelt David Seo commented ·

@david.seo we have just released a fix that allows FloWorks and the Emulation module to be present simultaneously.

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