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FloWorks 2018 Update 1 released

Talumis FloWorks for FlexSim

FloWorks 18.1.0 is now available (10 April 2018). This version of FloWorks is intended for use with FlexSim 2018 Update 1.

Update: Bug fix version 18.1.1 has been released on 18 April.

In addition, FloWorks 18.0.2 has been released, containing bug fixes for FlexSim 2018 (LTS) users.

All versions can be found in the Downloads section of your FlexSim account on the 3rd party modules tab. Please do not hesitate to report any bugs, usability improvements and feature requests to [email protected].

About FloWorks

FloWorks is a 3rd party module developed and maintained by Talumis BV ( It provides faster and more accurate modelling and calculation of fluid systems than the default FlexSim fluid library. It is especially useful within the oil, gas, and bulk industry both for production and supply chain optimization. This module requires a FloWorks license with active maintenance.

For any questions, please email [email protected].

Release notes

Changes in FloWorks 18.1.1

  • Bug fix: "Change" field should be hidden on all Task Executers except Flow Task Execture.
  • Bug fix: Changing configuration of Flow Task Executer would cause strange behavior because the window was closed before all scripts had finished executing.
  • Bug fix: Some objects like Berth and Loading Arm no longer worked because code properties got untoggled.

Changes in FloWorks 18.1.0

  • Pumps, valves, blenders and splitters are now different shapes of the same "Flow Processor".
  • Truck loading points and Berths are now different shapes of the same "Loading Point".
  • Cylindrical tanks, rectangular tanks, tanks with polygon base area and flow piles are now different shapes of the same "Flow Tank".
  • Added button to flow tank to calculate physical size based on specified max. content.
  • Flow pipe has animation to help visualize if material is flowing and how fast.
  • Added post-step delay and trigger to multi-compartment loading controller steps.
  • Added Start Impact Event and End Impact Event triggers.
  • FloWorks chart templates have been added to the library.
  • All changes to version 18.0.2 listed below.

Changes in FloWorks 18.0.2 (for FlexSim 2018 LTS)

  • Bug fix: Conveyor sometimes stops incorrectly.
  • Improvement: Objects try to avoid On State Change when state has not changed.
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David Seo avatar image David Seo commented ·

@Mischa Spelt

I found this new module to make some trouble in Flexsim 2018 update 1.

The old module does not make trouble in flexsim 2018. It show the trouble in only 2018 update 1.

Please check it.

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Mischa Spelt avatar image Mischa Spelt David Seo commented ·

Thanks for reporting your issues @david.seo and @Marco Baccalaro. They have been fixed in today's release.

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