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FloWorks 2017.1.0 and 2017.0.2 Available.

Talumis FloWorks for FlexSim

The FloWorks module has been updated for FlexSim 2017 Update 1 and FloWorks 17.1.0 is now available (10 April 2017). This release contains new features (see the Release Notes section below). It does not work with the LTS version of FlexSim 2017 (17.0.x).

The upgrade version FloWorks 17.0.3 has been released for FlexSim 2017 (17.0.4). It contains all the bug fixes from FloWorks 17.1.0 but it does not contain new features and does not work with FlexSim 2017 Update 1 (17.1.0).

NOTE: Due to a change in FlexSim, a new version was released on April 12. If you are using FlexSim 17.0.0 - 17.0.3, please use FloWorks 17.0.2, which is functionally identical.

Both versions can be found in the Downloads section of your FlexSim account on the 3rd party modules tab. Bugs may be reported to [email protected].

About FloWorks

FloWorks is a 3rd party module developed and maintained by Talumis BV ( It provides faster and more accurate modelling and calculation of fluid systems than the default FlexSim fluid library. It is especially useful within the oil, gas, and bulk industry both for production and supply chain optimization. This module requires a FloWorks license. Note that FloWorks 17.1.0 may require an upgraded license, see the Release Notes below.

For any questions, please email [email protected].

Release notes

FloWorks 17.1.0 (April 11, 2017)

This version of FloWorks supports FlexSim version 17.1.0.

  • Added a multi-compartment loading controller to allow multiple tanks on the same Task Executer to be loaded in sequence and/or in parallel.
  • Added the mass flow conveyor, an accumulating version of the Flow Conveyor.
  • Instead of using numeric product IDs, you can now pre-define a product table in your model, with fixed product names and colors. See the Products page in the FloWorks User Manual for more information.
  • As of now, FloWorks license versions will need to be upgraded with every release, similar to your FlexSim license. (Existing users will automatically be requested to upgrade their license using the Request Upgrade button in the FlexSim License Activation window.)
  • All bug fixes included in version 17.0.2, see below.

FloWorks 17.0.3 (April 12, 2017)

Version 17.0.3 of FloWorks supports FlexSim 2017 LTS versions 17.0.4 and onwards.

  • This version is a re-release of FloWorks 17.0.2 (see below) due to a change from FlexSim 17.0.3 to 17.0.4.
Which FlexSim version are you using? Which FloWorks version should you download?
17.0.0, 17.0.1, 17.0.2, 17.0.3 17.0.2
17.0.4 (LTS) 17.0.3
17.1.0 17.1.0

FloWorks 17.0.2 (April 11, 2017)

This version of FloWorks supports Flexsim versions 17.0.0 - 17.0.3.

  • Bug fix: Code headers correctly use Object instead of treenode for current and item so pick list items like "Object connected to center port" work again.
  • Bug fix: Utilization no longer reported as -100% for object with maximum flow set to 0 on reset.
  • Bug fix: Flow control no longer breaks down indefinitely once run with one connected object.
  • Bug fix: Fixed exception when copy/pasting object with Flow Arrows enabled.
  • Bug fix: Added missing icons for options in FloWorks submenu of Toolbox.
  • Bug fix: Flow Conveyor now correctly detects changes in ratio of incoming components where total flow stays the same.
  • Bug fix: ChangeTeEdgeSpeed command no longer throws exception when used on Task Executer not attached to Travel Network.
  • Bug fix: Berth and loading point clear their contents on reset, like all Fixed Resources do.

Older versions

The release notes for older versions of FloWorks (FloWorks 17.0.0 and FloWorks 17.0.1) for FlexSim 2017 can be found here.

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