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Emulation Module (Beta) Now Available

We have released a beta version of our Emulation module. The Emulation module adds a tool that enables communication between FlexSim and OPC / Modbus Servers and PLCs. Help files are included in the FlexSim User Manual to assist you.

This beta version must be installed with FlexSim 2017 Update 1. 32-bit and 64-bit installers can be downloaded through the downloads section in the Modules tab of the FlexSim website:

FlexSim Downloads

The following are known issues:

  • Asynchronous Write for OPC Connections is not working. The option has been disabled.

Please post any feedback or bug reports either as a comment to this article or you can email them to [email protected]

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David Seo avatar image David Seo commented ·

I installed the beta emulation 64bit.

I use 17.1.2 version now.

I met the error message window like attached when opening flexsim.

After closing the error window, I did not find it in object library panel but found the emulation opetion menu in Tools add pick list.

And On clicking the menu, the property window opened normally.

And I could find the emulation help manul also and open it normally.

What's the above error message?

After uninstalling emulation module, the error message window do not appear.

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Matthew Gillespie avatar image Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ David Seo commented ·

That's an error with the FloWorks module. It shouldn't effect how the emulation module works

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Mischa Spelt avatar image Mischa Spelt Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ commented ·

@david.seo thank you for reporting this. There does seem to be an undesired interaction between FloWorks and the Emulation module: I do not get this error when I just install FloWorks or when I combine it with e.g. the beta of the Bottling module. @Matthew Gillespie I will look around some more and probably get back to you.

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Marcel van de Weert avatar image Marcel van de Weert commented ·

Great addition to FlexSim.
Is also OPC UA support expected ?

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Matt Long avatar image Matt Long Marcel van de Weert commented ·

We do plan on adding OPC UA support to the module at some point as well as Siemens S7.

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David Seo avatar image David Seo commented ·

@Matt Long @Mischa Spelt

I am studying flexsim Emulator module for the purpose of getting the detail skill of control it and making the demo of it showing to the customers.

But I have not the PLC device and have not the environment about using PLCs connection. So I will use one PC or two PC installed flexsim each and using OPC server.I will make a demo simple AGV of closed loop line of flexsim model.

1) In the case of using one PC (local), I think OPC server test Tool like Matrikon made will be a good method. But flexsim emulator module OPC DA connection can not find the local Matrikon server (free tool). I downloaded Matrikon OPC Server test tools from below site;

I don't know the reason and can't find the problem.

Would you guide it for me?

2) In the case of TWO PC flexsim installed, I want to make ONE model of loop AGV line and one PC flexsim run the demo to create the lines states and transfer data and the other PC flexsim display the emulated demo to get the data via OPC server.

How can I make the demo of it?

For example, which OPC module should I install in two PC and which configuration is need for it?

I will be waiting for your replying.


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Matt Long avatar image Matt Long David Seo commented ·

If you're running an OPC Server on a local computer, you need FlexSim's architecture to match the architecture of your OPC Server. Matrikon OPC is 32 bit, so you need to install FlexSim 32 bit (x86) and then install the Emulation (x86) module. (See User Manual > Emulation > Emulation Concepts > Linking to OPC Servers)

With OPC, FlexSim is always talking to an OPC Server. So if you want to run FlexSim on two different computers, there still needs to be an OPC Server either running on one of the two machines or on a third machine. (When connecting to an OPC Server remotely, the architecture of FlexSim does not have to match the OPC Server.) Each instance of FlexSim can be set up to read and write from the OPC Server.

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David Seo avatar image David Seo Matt Long commented ·

Thank you @Matt Long .

I unistalled Metricon OPC simulator and installed KEPServerEx OPC simulator. KEPServerEx has two modules in one program. I have connected the KEPServerEx OPC simulator. Thank you.

I will try to do more for my purpose and if I have questions about it, I will come back here again.

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David Chan avatar image David Chan commented ·


I am thinking of getting a PLC to set-up with emulation system. Is there is specification that I need to look for especially the type of communication protocol that PLC should have. What type of PLC we are unable to support?

Look forward to hear from your advise


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David Seo avatar image David Seo David Chan commented ·


If you will use OPC DA connecttion of flexsim Emulator, ANY PLC can connect with Flexsim through OPC DA. OPC Server can connect with any PLC at same time.

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David Chan avatar image David Chan David Seo commented ·

@david.seo Thanks for sharing

Base on your description, my laptop connection to the OPC server and OPC server to the PLC should be using RJ45 connection. So my PLC should have an Ethernet port. Am I right?


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