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How to post confidential information on Answers

FlexSim Answers is designed to make information available to the FlexSim community. However, there are times when you will need help with a model or project that contains proprietary or otherwise confidential information. Here are a couple ways of getting the help you need while protecting sensitive information.

Private Questions

When you create a question you can mark it as Private. The question is then only viewable to FlexSim employees.

A lock icon will show up next to the question for those who can see the question

Comment Visibility

(Currently this option is only available to moderators, but moderators may use it to make comments visible only to you and other FlexSim employees)

You can also post private comments by setting the visibility level of your comment.

Setting the visibility of the comment to Viewable by Moderators will make the comment visible only to FlexSim employees.

Posting private comments is useful for posting confidential information to questions that aren't private.

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