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Add functions like P() to FlexSim 2020

Hi, we wondered why this function:

P (num percent1, value1[, percent2, value2, ... ,percent9, value9)

DescriptionReturns discrete values based on corresponding percent probabilities. Parameters must be entered in percent, value sequence and percentages must add up to 100 percent for an accurate distribution. Note that this command can only take up to 9 values!Exampleint pci = P(30,1, 20,2, 50,3);

wasn´t assigned from FlexSim HC 5 to the people Module.

With the first bigger projects in new HC we figured out a lot of such stuff. Is there a list of stuff that is also not longer supported? If not, it would be a cool idea to get one.

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Mischa Spelt avatar image Mischa Spelt commented ·

I would like this, though I'd prefer to see it as an overload of dempirical that takes an array instead of a table as argument.

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Sebastian Hemmann avatar image Sebastian Hemmann Mischa Spelt commented ·

@Mischa Spelt, you are right. Another cool thing is, that values don´t have to be numbers (like it has to be in bernoulli).

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Matthew Gillespie avatar image Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ commented ·

@sebastian.hemmann No, sorry, we don't have a list of things no longer supported. That list would be very long and probably not comprehensive. It's a completely new system. We threw away everything from HC5 and added new features to FlexSim (through the People module) so that you could build the same kind of models in FlexSim. But you're building those models in a different way. FlexSim HC 2020 is inspired by HC5, but is a new product.

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Nicolas Mbz avatar image Nicolas Mbz Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ commented ·
@Matthew Gillespie Will you add this function soon ? Because very useful on my point of view. Thanks in advance
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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ Nicolas Mbz commented ·

You can add it yourself as a simple user command.

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