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Feature Removed in Edit Selected Objects Update...Will it Return?

The 21.1 update put the variables in the Edit Selected Objects(ESO) into groups like Fixed Resource, Queue, etc. Not all object types were included in this and that means they have...0 variables in the drop down to copy. Is the update incomplete? Is the ESO tab being retired?

Additionally, copying triggers has been removed from this menu as well as a number of other features for objects that can use this menu at all.

The code I wrote (and want to copy). It reads the text's name and references a table value accordingly.

The old (21.0) ESO tab.

The current (21.1) ESO tab.

FlexSim 21.1.2
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anthony.johnson answered anthony.johnson edited

We changed the edit selected objects view to use the new properties mechanism instead of just copying variables directly. The reason was that copying a variable directly may not work properly in all cases, they can be prone to bugs, some variables are technically state values and shouldn't be editable, etc., whereas the properties mechanism should work properly.

However, I realize there is a lot of data that is not (yet) covered by properties. So I'll see about putting that back in, at least until we get more property coverage.

In the meantime, you can instead just select all objects you want changed (including the highlighed object) before you make an edit (or, if you forget, just select everybody again, and make the change again). Then whenever you make edits, those changes will be automatically applied to all selected objects.

Also, for triggers, you can use a script to update selected objects using Table.query(). Right-click on the object and choose Edit > Designate This Node (so), then in a script window:

Variant value = so().as(Object).getProperty("Triggers.OnEntry");
Table.query("UPDATE Objects() SET [Triggers.OnEntry] = $1 WHERE IsSelected", value);

Or you can use forobjecttreeunder():

Variant value = so().as(Object).getProperty("Triggers.OnEntry");
forobjecttreeunder(model()) {
   if (switch_selected(a, -1)) {"Triggers.OnEntry", value);

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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