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Load vs Travel + Load activity vs (FlexScript : Travel+Loading+Travel+Unloading)

I want to know the differences between Load activity vs Travel + Load activty (and vs FlexScript task-sequence types).

When using FlexScript code, Travel-Loading-Travel-Unloading is standard script.

When using Load activty, it can do load without 'travel' activity. And so it shows some differencs FlexSript and Process Flow activity.

Which case should I use 'Travel' activity with Load?

Where can I find the differences in manual?

flexscriptload activtyload vs travel + load activity vs flexscripttravel and load activity
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Travel is a Tasktype to evaluate an object destination. You need it on node bound networks Navigators. Navigators evaluates Tasktypes Load and Unload to start Offset travels to an item. Instead of Load or Unload you could use Tasktype, command or activity move object. Then you don’t get an notification to balance number of transports in or transports out automatically. A default transport tasksequence “travel, load, break, travel, unload“ is universal for all navigators. Some evaluates only load, break, unload. Other interprets travel, move item, balance number of transport out, break, travel, move item, balance number of transport in.

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@Joerg Vogel

Thanks for your interests about my issue. My description is not enough?

But your explanation about Task Sequences Activities makes me more confused.

I know already your general explanation. I want to know the detail usage and differences between 'Travel' activity and 'Load' with 'Travel' activity.

And what are the differences 'Travel', 'Load', 'Unload' activity and 'Custom Task' activity with task type of 'travel' and 'load' etc.

When using 'DefaultNavigator', 'Load' and 'Unload' activity has a travel feature in itself.

And they can't be used in 'DefaultNetworkNavigator' and 'AGVNetwork' navigator.

When using A* navigator?


I think many customers have much difficulties about these usages without detail and cleared explanation and examples in manual.

These issues make the novice and advanced customer think FlexSim hard.

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Hi @David Seo,

From the explanation of Offset Travel:

Load and unload tasks also use offset travel if the "Travel Offsets for Load/Unload Tasks" checkbox is checked.

My understanding is that a standard Travel task navigates a task executor using whatever navigator it is attached to (network nodes, A*, ...), vs Offset Travel (used during Load and Unload tasks) which does not use a navigator, but rather just moves directly through the 3D space regardless of any other navigation control, according to whatever rules govern that type of task executor (operators differ from robots differ from fork lift, etc).

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@Ben Wilson Thanks very much Ben.

I will be able to organize my thoughts and make a manual for my customers. Thanks again.

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