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Queue logic

Hi all,

FYI, the red and green item will go through 3 phases: green processor -> pink processor -> yellow processor. At most of the "out queues" (blue), the priority of the port connection is always the "in queue" within the same tower. If no queues are available, the robots will send the item to "BF for PMIC" queue.

The blue item will go through only 2 phases: green processor -> yellow processor. If no "in queues" are available, send the item to "BF for RF" queue.

My current model right now is sending first available for the el and pmic out queues ( see the code at those queues). I want to modify code at those out queues to be sent to the shortest queues if available queue but I am not sure how. Right now I am just doing the port rankings based on distance and I am not sure if it is also performing the same way as the shortest queue if available.

Finalised Current state model.fsm

FlexSim 20.1.3
queuesimulationmodelflow itemsshortest queue if available
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There is a picklist option in Send To Port function in 3D property pane called shortest queue If available. If you select it, you can open the source code editor over the „parchment roll“ icon. Then you can see, how previously developer has solved this problem.
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"Shortest Queue" sends the item to the queue with the least currently in it. Since all of your queues have a maximum capacity of 1 this setting wouldn't actually do anything, since the queues with an item in them aren't available anyway.

To send the items to the closest queue (by distance) ordering the ranks of the connections should be enough to achieve that with the current logic.

If the positions of the queues might change often, you can use code like the following to send to the closest available regardless of ranking.

int bestindex = 0;
double closest_dist = 999999;
for(int index = 1; index <= current.outObjects.length; index++)
    if(opavailable(current, index))
        Vec3 dist_vec = current.outObjects[index].getLocation(0.5, 0.5, 0) - current.getLocation(0.5, 0.5, 0);
        double dist = dist_vec.magnitude;
        if(dist < closest_dist)
            closest_dist = dist;
            bestindex = index;

// Return closest available queue
return bestindex;
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Chua X2 avatar image Chua X2 commented ·

Hi @Felix Möhlmann , thank you! I also noticed that despite ranking them the nearest distance, the robots placed the flow items at the furthest input queue but second pick, it went to the nearest queue. Is this a flexsim bug?

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Can you upload your current model and say at what model time you observe this? It's difficult to say what might be going wrong from just your description.
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Hi @Felix Möhlmann , as mentioned above, I did port rankings by nearest distance to make the closest queue if available logic. At 173s, this is the first time when both robots will pick the flow items at the input station queue and place the flow items on the input queues in front of the EL processor but they went for the furthest queue. After that, they went for the nearest queue which is correct. Why did the first time both robots go for the furthest queue?

Current state model - fix max.fsm

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Hi @Chua X2,

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