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Number of boxes created and stored help

Most updated 3.17.fsm


In my attached model, source 2 creates color boxes for storage, green, blue and red. Is there a way to put the number of boxes created by each color, so for ex. green color produces 154 boxes daily and stores, 29 for blue and 11 for red. And how can I do this so all of my 4 sources creates the same 3 color boxes and these amounts and stores them. Also, how can I enable them in a way that those colored boxes gets stores randomly within the storage areas?

Thank you for all the help!

FlexSim 22.0.0
sourcewarehousestorage system
most-updated-317.fsm (125.9 KiB)
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A better approach is using process flow and do it by a creating token activity on which tokens create items in a queue by another activity. A create token activity has an option to put an given amount of tokens statistical distributed during a time interval in a model. You would use three such similar parametrized activities in process to receive your 3 colored item types in your model.

Please look especially for repeating and arrival spacing In this reference.

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Hello @Joerg Vogel , Thank you for giving your input on my question. I'm a student, and i'm just starting to work with FlexSim so I don't have a lot of knowledge regarding these. Process flow is complicated to me, so I was wondering if there was a easier way to do it, using the ones that I have in my model. Otherwise, will you be able to get me started with my model, just so that I can see how its done. Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

Thank You

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There are several tutorials in manual available to get started with FlexSim. Please do them.

It is important you do those by yourself rather than someone is providing an example. You have to try some of the options in and variants of activities to get familiar with FlexSim. I am sure you will be successful.

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