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InnerJoin Not Working Properly With SQL Query

Hi Team,

I have actual data in global table only for 2 weekdays (Thu and Fri) but I have to show data in results table for all weekday (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun) keeping data for other days as 0. While using SQL query I tried to get results in calculated table. But I can't see Mon in results table.


Can you help me to know the issue here?

Thank you!


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I can't replicate the issue. When I update the calculated table, monday appears as would be expected.


If haven't done so yet, please try downloading the latest bugfix for your version (21.1.5).

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Ok @Felix Möhlmann

Actually, I am still facing same issue.

I don't know how to download this bugfix if I am using licensed version.

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The start page will show icons next to the version number, if there is a newer version or bugfix available to download. (Icons might look different in the 21.1 version)


The versions in the downloads section of your FlexSim Profile will also be the most recent ones.

If that doesn't help you might have to wait until a developer can have a look at the issue.

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Hi @Ankur A3,

We haven't heard back from you. Were you able to solve your problem? If so, please add and accept an answer to let others know the solution. Or please respond to the previous comment so that we can continue to help you.

If we don't hear back in the next 3 business days, we'll assume you were able to solve your problem and we'll close this case in our tracker. You can always comment back at any time to reopen your question, or you can contact your local FlexSim distributor for phone or email help.

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