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How to control transporters without colliding using traffic control?


I want to use traffic control to control two transporter paths using the network nodes. Both of them should not collide when they face in opposite direction. How to do this using traffic control?

Main objective : The transporters should not collide in any of their paths and should be stopped until the next transporter travels to its destination.


FlexSim 20.0.10
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In this relatively simple model you can achieve this by connecting all network nodes around the junction and of the path to Queue 1 to the traffic control.


Be aware however that this only works due to the regular pattern with which the items are distributed. In a larger, more complex model, you will always have the risk that two task executers need to travel past each other. With only a single two-way lane, this either results in them 'colliding' or, worse, a deadlock of the travel because they block each other.

Avoiding that would require a complex routing algorithm that predicts the path timings of all travelers and identifies possible collisions far enough into the future, so the travelers can be rerouted to a path where no such block occurs (if even possible).

So in short: If collision avoidance is an important part of your model, you will likely have to use parallel paths or the A* navigation system.

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Thank you @Felix Möhlmann ,yes collision avoidance is an important task for my model. I cannot use parallel paths and only single lane paths. If I have to do this using A* navigation, is there any sample model that I can refer?

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I don't know of any particular example model but the manual should cover all the necessary basics.

To use A*, you add a grid to the model and assign the task executers and fixed resources to the system.

Then you can add barriers, dividers, preferred/mandatory paths as needed to control the paths of the task executers.

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Thank you @Felix Möhlmann . I will look into it.
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