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Multiple Layout and process flow on the same Flexim File?

I have some question about if I have 3models but individual file and and I want to combine in one file by this condition

Mode 1 : There are layout, network path, own process flow

Mode 2 : There are same layout, Network path as Model 1 but difference process flow from Model 1

Mode 3 : There are same layout but different Network path and different process flow from Model 1 and 2

All of these will have to read the same global table at start run (In this global table there is coding for generate random number of each run replicate sich as calculate probability ect, so can’t export CSV or EXCEL Files and load to other models cuz it made the data at start difference even though checked random stream number as well)

How to do like that or there is another way to fix problem ?

FlexSim 22.1.2
global tablerandom streammultiple replications
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In one thing for if the same layout and object when paste in same file model i need program cout objective the sam example

Model1 Queue1 Queue2

Model 2 Queue1 Queue2 but queue3 queue4 like that cuz the affect the global table at start

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I would suggest to build all layouts in the same model, similar to how this tutorial duplicates the same process to showcase multiple control options for task executers.

I assume this deals with the same model as you other questions, so I will use it to demonstrate.

Add a plane to the model and move all parts of the current layout into it (View -> Edit Selected Objects, then all objects by holding down shift and drawing a box around them, Select the plane (yellow outline) and click on 'Move Into Highlighted')


If you now copy the plane, all objects inside of it will also be copied (the physical location in the model doesn't matter, only that they were moved as described above. After copying, you can move the queues and nodes to form a new layout.

Crucially for the logic in the model, the copied objects inside the second plane will keep the same names (they will be distinguished by their parent object).

Due to this the current process flow can be relatively easily replaced by an instanced process flow, running the same for each plane. The important part is that in the instanced flow, yo can access the instance object (in this case the plane) with 'current'. So instead of searching for the correct queue on the model layer, use the instance ('current.find()').

To have each plane use the correct operators, each plane needs its own group. By referecing it in a label on the plane, it can be accessed easily in the process flow.

Similarly, the statistics collector that listens to tokens in the process flow entering specific activities, can be duplicated. Through setting the condition that the token should belong to a specific instance, you can filter for which layout it collects data.


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Or try using "Model Layouts" to manage the object locations.

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