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how to change the token id to product name as in mixer recipe?


My recipe in mixer is currently as below...



based on the picture above, how to sync the token id and the mixer recipe?

Can @Patrick Zweekhorst assist me??

Can you just give me a simple program to simulate the fundamental...

FlexSim 18.2.3
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A token ID is not useable for an order of tokens. A model may contain hidden process flows for statical analyses. Each process can create tokens. Their IDs are unique over a model, but not in a strict sequence for a process. You only knows new ID is larger then previous ID. The difference is unknown. As @Patrick Zweekhorst said, you should use a label at your token to create an own ID. Please call the label differently.

You increment a label in your process, which value you assign to any new token in your process at your own ID label on your token.
In cases where you create an amount of tokens at once more than one you have to test on your own how you can assign a right value as an ordered ID to your tokens.

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Patrick Zweekhorst answered
Hi @Fakhrusy Sf ,

The token Id is just an unique id each token gets. If you would create more tokens before the tokens that go to the mixer all the tokens that go to the mixer will have a different id.

You can probably use one of the labels on the token, or some information from the mixer. I am just not sure what information you want in your table? And since there is no model attached we can't take a look at the model to check the labels on the token

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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ commented ·
Also you're free to rename the tokens if you just want to see something more meaningful than "token".
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Fakhrusy Sf avatar image Fakhrusy Sf commented ·

Alright, I understand the fundamental of token ID..


This my current statistic collector, I want to add one more column which are the "Product" column to indicate which product that there are currently processing...

How to assign label based on the production schedule and mixer table??

I attached my model as below...


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Could you re-upload the model?
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