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Item in a processor limited for a certain type

Hello, in the model attached i want to limitate the item.sez == 1 input at a max of 4 at the same time. another item of the same type can enter only if one of them exit. The processor can have a max of 9 items in process at the time. The other item.sez don't have a input max content rule. I'm trying to make work the processflow u see in the model but i'm missing something.

FlexSim 22.2.0
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Did you upload a model to the shared folder? If so, what was it called? If not then please use the link at the top of the page in the "Answer Upload Issue" section.
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I don't know how you tried to implement this logic, but I would suggest to use a zone in the process flow. It can have both a general limit to how tokens can enter it, as well as subsets with additional contraints attached to them.

So the zone can limit the token count to 9 while also limiting the count of tokens where the sez equals 1 to 4.



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Sorry, i can't update the model for a issue in the forum at the moment. i can link on dropbox

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It looks like you copied the queues and processor from a different model since there are a lot of invalid references and missing labels.

I think I see what you tried to do with the process flow. However, there will never be any tokens because the source only creates tokens at time 0 and the quantity is set as the subnodes of the processor, which won't have any items in it when the model starts.

I added the solution I suggested above to the model and removed a lot of the invalid trigger functions so the model can run without errors. I also changed the setup and process times of the processor to highlight how the process flow works a bit better, hopefully.


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Yes, was an extract of an already existing model, i had to implement the logic for the processor. Thanks again the problem is fixed.
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