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Unable to update the item sequence using OptQuest

Hi FlexSim Team,

I want the optimum item sequence to get the minimum lead time using OptQuest.

But in the model, getting different times but the sequence is not getting changed.

Could you please help me to find out the solution?

Attaching the model below.



FlexSim 22.2.1
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anonymous user , there is an attachment missing.
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You have a sequence of 53 products. Each product has got a variable process time depending on rank of initial sequence order and one time unit by a discrete uniform distribution. For a really large number of repetitions each process time could be assumed to last (1+n)/2. A minimum of work in progress time is a result of an alternating long and short process times. But you won't find an optimum that is always a minimum, because of the variability of your process time.
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I'm not sure what you are trying to do. Why is the process time dependent the sequence of the item?

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Hi anonymous user,

We haven't heard back from you. Were you able to solve your problem? If so, please add and accept an answer to let others know the solution. Or please respond to the previous comment so that we can continue to help you.

If we don't hear back in the next 3 business days, we'll assume you were able to solve your problem and we'll close this case in our tracker. You can always comment back at any time to reopen your question, or you can contact your local FlexSim distributor for phone or email help.

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