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Set Item color by type


I set item color by type as below. But I want to set item1.12.41 use the same color.

How can I set it?


Thank you.

FlexSim 7.7.4
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Your university should be updating the FlexSim version. It is not supported anymore.
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You click into field where you now see for example 3. Then you change the number value to 12. And you click into field of command for setting a color and you choose your desired color. You can choose for each row individually a color, this can be even always the same color.

If your Type is called “1.12.41“ for a single item, then you can assign additionally another number label at each item which you read instead of getitemtype(item) and you assign a color accordingly.

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Hi Joerg Vogel,

Thanks for your help.

I think I didn't make the question clear.

I input different items as below, I want to set the same of Item name use the same color.

ex. itemtype 1.4 use red, itemtype 3.5.6 use blue..etc.

I understand I can set each color for row.

But if I have 1000 items, I need to crate 1000 row to set.

I want to try if there is a faster way to set it. Thanks.


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Yes, I understand this. But my second paragraph describe very well how you can achieve this.

For example items A, B, G,T, U get color blue; items D, O, X get color yellow. Then you assign at each item a number label with a custom name for example myColor. Items of Type A,B, G, T,and U. you assign a value of 12 and items of Type D, O, X you assign a value of 8 to the label myColor. Now you can change color by case through label myColor. You will probably need to read the label by getlabelnum(item,“myColor“).

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Thanks for your help. @Joerg Vogel

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