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How to apply dynamic parameters to AGV-Units?

Dear all,

as part of my research i want to implement parameters for AGV-Units regarding the current status or path on which they are traveling on. Those parameters should be able to shift regarding to dynamic changes and therefore must be flexible.

Can I implement such behavior via process flow for AGVs?

Is it possible to assign labels to paths (e.g.: MainPath or SecondaryPath) and refer to them in process flow, so that this information is added to the list of dynamic characteristics of the AGVs?

Is it possible to display the information on the current AGV status in a dynamic table?

And is it possible to transfer the information to other entities in the network?

Thank you very much!

FlexSim 23.0.2
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Ralf Gruber answered

Hello Bjarne,

I would suggest the following reads first to give you an understanding of what AGV functionality is available as a standard in FlexSim. With that knowledge you can design the concept of your system to model while making the best use of FlexSim´s tools:

Task Logic Tutorials to understand, how FlexSim controls Task Executers

AGV Network reference to learn how to configure an AGV network:

AGV Tutorials to understand, how the AGV network works in FlexSim:

The AGV class reference to learn, which information and methods are avaialble and how to obtain them:

That should get you pretty far and will possibly answer most of your questions.

And yes, it is possible to assign labels to paths and AGVs and refer to their values as part of conditional rules to route AGV´s:

Let us know, when you have researched all AGV content in FlexSim´s user manual and need our help to come up with a concept for your model or have more specific question son how to implement additional logic. It always helps, if you don´t ask general questions but support them with a little demo model explaining exactly, what you try to achieve.

Good luck

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