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Drop down list referring to global tables in the model


I am trying to explore if there are ways to create a drop down list referring to global tables and row and column headers of it? Below is snippet of another simulation software doing something similar-


Write now I have global tables were the user is supposed to copy paste global table names and row and column index exactly. Having a drop down will reduce errors in copying names of global tables and row and column index.

Global table in the current Flexsim model for reference


In 2021, similar question had answers mentioning that you cannot directly have drop down in global table. Has anything changed in the new versions? Also any help in how to get similar functionality via dashboard or custom GUI?


FlexSim 23.0.5
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You can select in a dashboard from a list items and fill those values in table cells by for example an apply button. A dynamic drop down menu is not implemented as I know. But you can for example customize a right mouse button menu to implement a case sensitive select tree to insert values in cells. and if you need such an enhancement you can suggest it in an idea.

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This is possible but you need to be comfortable with looking at the view structures to learn how to do it. For example look at the operation behind the Parameters Table's Value field. You could store the valid field values in a Map label under the Global Table using an array for each keyed column value.

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