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transport product between the processes of multiprocessor using robot

Hi Flexsim Answer Team,

I am doing a juice production model, so I have a question regarding multiprocessor, is there anyway to link a robot to a multiprocessor so that the robot can transfer the bottle between the processes of the Filling Station (multiprocessor in this case) as the Filling Station has three different composition to add into the bottle. I would like to add a load and unload time of bottle between every processes of the multiprocessor. So is there anyway I can do it or I can only do it by using three individual processors instead of one multiprocessors?

Thank you so much is advance and have a great day ahead!!!

FlexSim 22.0.10
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Is it a composing of ingredients like recipes, then it is a combiner. Is it a process of three types individually processing time then it is a simple processor with an update of processing times depending on a label at processed item. Is it process of several processing steps of different nature then it is a multiprocessor you need!
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If processing steps are at different locations it sounds like it makes most sense to use multiple processors. If they're at the same location then it doesn't seem sensible that you would want to use a robot to pick and place it at the same location.

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