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 Optimizer is not taking constraint in consideration.

Hi Flexsim Team,

I am facing issues while adding constraints to the model. I want to get the best-optimized sequence but after adding colorsequence parameter as constant the optimizer is not working.

In the HCM_ColourChangePlanning table column no 63 and 64 have values 0,1 and the constraint is to take all 1 value first in the sequence. I have added this constraint value to performancemesure3 from parameter 15 and applied it in the Optquest but Otmizer results are not acceptable.

For this logic, I have written the code in the process flow attaching the image below.

Could you please help me with how can I make it work to optimizer?

Thanks and Regards,

Brijesh Kumar

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FlexSim 22.2.4
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Have you tried using ==0 for the constraint instead of =0?
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Yes, but still not working.
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Jordan Johnson answered

All parameters are constant unless you include them in the optimization. Only the parameters you check are allowed to be modified by the optimizer. The easiest way to set a constant is to set the parameter in the model before you run the optimization, and don't include it in the optimization.

Another approach would be to include the parameter in the optimization and write a constraint equation involving the parameter, not the performance measure

[MyParameter] <= 1

If you write a constraint equation using a performance measure, OptQuest has to simulate the solution and then determine if the solution violates constraints. If you write a constraint equation based on parameters, OptQuest can tell that the solution violates the constraint before running a simulation.

Also, you may notice that I used a <= operator and not an = operator. There is a note in FlexSim's user manual that for the version of OptQuest we use, constraints can only contain <= or >= comparisons, so an exact match comparison is not supported.

Here is the closest link:

The note is in the section called Adding Constraints.

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