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How to accelerate delays by assigning one more staff(Re-upload)



I have two main questions.


Currently, when two staff members reach the gurney, they have 90 seconds to move to the nearest destination.

At this time, I want to count 90 seconds from the time one staff member reaches it, and when one staff member reaches it, I want to make it count 30 seconds instead of 90 seconds.

If one staff member counts 60 seconds out of 90 seconds and the other staff arrives late,

Depending on the ratio of the remaining 60 seconds to 30 seconds, I hope we will move to the nearest destination in 2/3 hours, 20 seconds.


Obviously, although Release MD released Staff's activities, Acquire Staff is not working properly and Token is hung.

What's wrong with the example model?

Thank you always.


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FlexSim 23.1.2
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Q1) It looks like you may have a similar question the question titled "help another and lower their process time". Jason's answer to that post suggests using a table that maps out how long each process would take with X amount of operators. Then you can adjust work times based on the number of operators at the location and how much time has passed already.

Q2) There's a problem with having both MD and RN come from the same resource. I suggest splitting up your MDs and RNs into two separate groups and have your Staff Resources assigned to those groups. That fixed it for me.



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I think the answer to question 1 can be solved with the corresponding post. I don't think I looked it up properly.

However, in the case of question 2, we used the same resource because we tried to have two staff of the total staff move in one Gurney.

I don't want to divide it into two groups, but I want the entire staff to move organically in one flow.

I can't think of a solution.

Thank you for your good reply.


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Jeanette F avatar image Jeanette F ♦♦ Jerry commented ·

Hello @Jerry,

In your process flow you have an activity called acquire MD and acquire RN. These activities point to individual resources to pull from. However, when those resources are opened they just pull from the whole staff group. This is causing your model to hang because after the staff members are released the first time they are all acquired in the acquire MD activity and then there are no staff members available to be acquired in the acquire RN activity. 1684899629351.png

So like Kavika mentioned. You should assign staff members to groups like RN and MD and then assign the corresponding resource that group.


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Another solution, if all staff should come from the same group, would be to place a zone around the acquire activities that only allows a single token to enter at a time (max content setting in the zone).


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