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Multiprocessor Process Custom Task Sequence

I want to set a specific work position for the operator when working on a multiprocessor.

Normally, when I need to do this with single processors I use a basic custom task sequence, but in this model I need to use multiprocessors.

I thought the logic would be similar, but when I use the same task sequence I have found that the operator keeps busy and is not being released when the process has finished.

I guess the pick operator logic is not the same on the processor and on the multiprocessor but I haven't been able to find any information in the manual

In the attached model you can find a processor with the custom task sequence that is working, a multiprocessor with the same logic that is not working and a second multiprocessor that is using the default custom task sequence that appears to be incorrect.


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FlexSim 23.1.3
multiprocessorcustom task sequence
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The multiprocessor does use different parameters than the processor so that exact code won't work. Instead, I was able to make the same functionality using the Custom Task Sequence Example 1 for the multiprocessor. Instead of the custom tasks being TASKTYPE_LOAD, TASKTYPE_BREAK, etc., I instead use the same tasks you had in the processor:

stopobject(current, STATE_WAITING_FOR_OPERATOR);
taskSequence.addTask(TASKTYPE_TRAVEL, current.WorkPosition, NULL);
taskSequence.addTask(TASKTYPE_STOPREQUESTFINISH, current, NULL);
taskSequence.addTask(TASKTYPE_UTILIZE, item, current);

Since this code returns 0 and won't be called again, we will "manually" release the operator with an On Process Finish trigger on the multiprocessor:

freeoperators(current.centerObjects[1], item);

This should give you the same behavior you were getting with the processor custom task.


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