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Multiple taskExecuters work together with taskSequence list


I would like to create a model where multiple taskExecutors work together. Is it appropriate to use a task sequence list?

The attached model does not use a task sequence list, but is it possible to recreate the process flow within this model using a task sequence list?

I feel like using a task sequence list won't work, but I can't be sure.

Thanks in advance.


FlexSim 23.0.11
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Have you looked at the tutorial on coordinating task executers?
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Yes I read that, and there is no mention of taskSequence "list" there, does this mean it can't be done with taskSequence list?

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The standard picklist option to push the task sequence to a list will be the regular transport sequence. However you should be able to create a coordinated task sequence and push that to the list. For examples on creating coordinated tasks look under the transport pick options. The key commands used are:

  • createcoordinatedtasksequence()
  • insertallocatetask()
  • insertproxytask()
  • insertsynctask()
  • insertdeallocatetask()
  • dispatchcoordinatedtasksequence()

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Thank you for your information. I found that it seems possible to create coordinate tasks by using these commands. First, I will check the transport pick options.

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