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Define logic for task executer according to the type of cargo

Hi Team,

I need support to be able to set up a Task Executor logic, I need to set up a logic that:

1. if the cargo goes to zone B or E or G (i.e., floor storage), the same forklift that unloaded the truck will transport it to that point.

2. If the cargo goes to the rack, an operator with a manual pallet truck will transport it.

How can I create a specific number of forklifts as a parameter? I tried with the option "Set number in people Group" and "Delete and Copy Group members" but when I created for example 20, all of them were directed to a single unloading dock, I would need at least 3, per dock.

I will be grateful for all your support. Thank you very much in advance.




FlexSim 23.2.1
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Hello @Henry Paipa,

Do you mean that a maximum of 3 forklifts will work on unloading a truck at a time? Do the fork lifts acquired for that truck need to finish the truck before moving onto the next truck?

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Just like that, as is. I would appreciate your support, please. @Jeanette F

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1 Answer

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In earlier FlexSim Versions we would dynamically build connections from a dispatcher cascade to taskexecuter objects. Nowadays we would use lists to push tasksequence transport jobs, pull and dispatch them to taskexecuter objects. If it comes to situations when an taskexecuter can preempt tasksequences back into a tasksequencequeue, we would set dynamically priorities and/or connect taskexecuter Output ports to a dispatcher object. Then this dispatcher can push received begun tasksequences back to involved lists.

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Here's an attempt to build out the logic using lists. Each truck creates three tokens which each try to pull a forklift and unload the truck. They all access the "Cantidad" label on the parent token to know when the truck is empty.

Pending on the target zone of the pallet, it is either pushed to a list from which the operators can pull theirs tasks (not implemented). Or to a similar list for the forklifts. After a truck is unloaded, the forklifts check if there are pending pallets at their current position on that list. If so, they move them to the target queues, before being pushed back to the list.


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