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Change the resource count by hour

I would like to have the same group of operators changing de quantity of them by a reference label. At the principal model, this label will chage by hour. At this atached model i've tried this using a global table by only 3 hours, but the logic isn't respecting the label. How can i do that without create another group of operators?


FlexSim 22.0.16
global tableresourceoperator count
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Hi @Maíra A,

One way to change the availability of operators or task executors is to add a field to the resource which checks the current state value of the operators.


Then on the acquire resources activity In the Query field I set had it pull operators who's state was not scheduled down (state value 12). You can check the states and their related values by opening a default state table in the toolbox.


You could also change the query to look for any operator who is currently Idle.

Finally I created a time table that sets the availability of each operator. In the model I am including I set operator2 to be unavailable all day. As tokens acquire operators, operator2 is never acquired because it is scheduled down indefinitely. By doing this you will be able to schedule operators to be available, and then only acquire those who are available.

Variable operators_JW.fsm

field.png (36.9 KiB)
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The quantity field is only evaluated when the model is reset. In general I would advise against creating/deleting task executers or fixed resources during the model run.

The maximum number of operators should be present at model start. By assigning them to a group you can forbid the acquisition of operators whose index in the group is larger than the current limit.

For that you add a "Group" field to the resource list. This field will contain the index of each operator within that group. In the query you can then use it as a filter condition in the WHERE clause.



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Hi @Felix Möhlmann thank you so much for your answer. The difficulty now is to generate an adaptably data through the dashboard. I need to collet the resource availability data but, the operator that is not working count on the availble avarage. I need them to desapeer for the analysis at the point that i'm not using them. Therefore, I want to calculate this data consedering only the operators that are working by hour. operator-qtty-2.fsm

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operator-qtty-2.fsm (57.8 KiB)
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It might be an idea to generate tokens every time the limit is updated that then actually acquire and hold the excess operators. In that case you also wouldn't even need the query for the standard acquire activity. Just make sure that those "excess-tokens" have a higher priority in the back order strategy, so they are the first to acquire the operators.
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Hi @Maíra A as fas was I know, this is not a simple question. A suggest you use the dashboard library and the state tables.


When the operators are not being used, set a state there is not "Utilized", as Schedule Down or Lunch.


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Hi @Lucas Matheus! Sorry, I struggle to understand how that could work. Can you give a model example?

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