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AGV not always loading items

AVG_problem.fsmI have a lot of AGVs in a loop. They start in a queue that gets items from a source. Here, they pick up blocks and go around the loop until they drop them in other queues. The issue is that if they are empty after dropping off items, they don't always pick up a block at another point in the loop. This makes them very inefficient because they are empty half of the time. It's kind of hard to explain, so I will attach the file. I'm using "break to same destination". Thank you!

FlexSim 23.1.0
avgload and unload
avg-problem.fsm (426.2 KiB)
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Getting this to work with a dispatcher will be tricky. Setting up the NextWorkLoop and using the AGV Process Flow template will work better for this model, I think.

Once a task is dispatched by the dispatcher the respective AGV will travel directly to the pickup location. So if there are items available in "Mat_Initial" that needs to be distributed, these tasks will be given to an AGV that can then not pickup anything on the way there. Additionally, you will have idle AGVs that block others, leading to a complete deadlock in the worst case. The AGV flow would keep all vehicles moving.

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