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State of Combiner doesn't changes when it lies into the breakdown period

Hello Guys, In my simulation model, I have combiners and I have scheduled breakdown and breakdown through the time table and MTBF&MTTR option respectively.

The problem I am facing is that, when the run time reaches to the breakdown period. If combiner is in its waiting for operator state or idle state, it doesn't changes to breakdown state. This results into the incorrect state charts.

If anyone can help me, do comment sooner

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Without the model we can't give you an accurate answer to your specific problem. Can you send in your model, or a sample model of the problem, so that we can see what is happening?

If necessary, you can ask a private question and share the model there. That will keep confidential information private.

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Matt Long avatar image Matt Long commented ·

I'm able to build a simple model with a Combiner that breaks down using an MTBF/MTTR whether it's idle or waiting for an operator. Check to make sure your Combiner is a Member of the MTBF/MTTR and the MTBF/MTTR is Enabled (check box next to the name of the MTBF/MTTR).

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Joerg Vogel answered Herwina Richelle Andres commented

I think the problem is to change an object state, on which has been already called a stopobject command. Such objects don't do anything at all. If the state should be changed the command must be executed on an object or function that is still in an active state and the stop ID must be different to both stop-commands to resume individually the object at the end of the stop times at MTTR or time table scheduled's down.

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If the state change doesn't occur the object might be get awaken for 0 simulation time units. The steps are.

  • get object's event time of resume by MTTR
  • get object's event time of resume by timetable
  • call resume object by all IDs
  • change state
  • set object to stop by previous IDs to the remaining times

Maybe it is even simpler if the current event state of the object gets exchanged.

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Trex avatar image Trex Joerg Vogel commented ·

Thank you @Jörg Vogel

I just had problem with the priorities as soon as I have prioritized it, it started changing its state. Idea was raised after your solution. Thanks for your valuable support.

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Herwina Richelle Andres avatar image Herwina Richelle Andres commented ·

lot-flow-1-plane-customstate-2-itemtype2.fsmHi @Jörg Vogel.

I am trying to execute customizing the state of my container (Plane17) on MTBF and MTTR occurrences.

On Down Function:

WaitForTech_REPAIR if checked, otherwise it would be set to BREAKDOWN. Then OnREPAIR while it is being repaired.

I am trying to change the color to red once it breaks and once repair is finished, Plane17 will be colored green.

However, this is not being observed because probably on DownFunction I have already Stopped the object and called for Operators.

I have attached my model in here. Hoper to hear from you.

Thank you.



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